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How to come up with a music video pitch/concept

It's pretty simple. Here's what you do. There is a few things you need first

  1. A copy of the song. Perfably a .mp3
  1. The lyrics for the song.
  1. Time to kill

So once you have those three things here is what you do. You put the music on your computer/ipod/cd player/ car stereo. Doesn't really matter. You have the song playing on loop. You will listen to the song possibly more times then the original artist did. Read the lyrics, then re-read the lyrics. This all is happening while your listening to the song. Then you need to do something don't just sit in a chair. Drive around go on a walk. But what ever your doing you need to be able to focus on the song. So don't read a book or go on a run.

The song is going to permeate your brain you'll be able to sing it. Basically what your doing you will let the song concept come through naturally. That's how it's worked on my past music videos. The concept eventually will click. That will be a raw and unformed idea but it will be the concept. Then you work it. Ask some people what they think about it (before you pitch it to the label/band/artist)

One other small thing you need to tink about is that you need to know if the video will be a straight narrative,straight performance, or as most videos are a mixture. Once you know that you can let it happen. As I write this blog I am playing the song that I'm currently developing a pitch for. I'm also writing down tones, locations, thoughts in my idea book. What will come of it. Well when you see the music video you'll know.


Research for the music video.

Just wanted to post these two music videos that I came across that I'm using as research for my next music video. More on that shortly. But for now check out these two sweet little spots. One a ad the other a music video.


Director's Spotlight: Yoann Lemoine

I am constantly watching up and coming music video/commerical directors. One that has recently come on my radar is Yoann Lemoine I have actually liked his work even before I knew of him. His first piece that ever caught my eye was his AIDS graffiti video which you have probably seen before.

AIDES - GRAFFITI from Yoann Lemoine on Vimeo.

Awesome work. What I finally started looking up his work was his Katy Perry video for 'Teenage Dream' Judge me all you want but I am quite a fan of pop music. Here is the video tomorrow.

What caused me to write this post was the new music video for his own band Woodkid. He Directed and also wrote the song. One thing that I really was struck me was 1. This video has no performance. You don't see that too often any more. 2. Black and White. There is something pretty awesome about black and white. Many older cinematographers love working in B&W and others will not touch it. It's a far different then shooting color and has a whole other different things you need to keep in mind. You have to be able to visualize it in your mind and know your skills well enough to know how to make that look in your mind to come to pass. 3. It's kinetic as fuck. Not much more to say then that. So below is the video let me know your thoughts on his work.

Woodkid - Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.


After Tonight Official Music video: Tyler James and the Exchange

This week I'm proud to show you all the music video I directed. "After Tonight" by Tyler James and the Exchange. Off of their self titled debut album. This video was shot on the canon 5D mark II. I hope you guys enjoy. I'm extremely proud of this piece of work and look forward to working with Tyler and the band soon on another video.

If the "Youtube" is more your liking you can watch it here. Also want to apologize for not having a episode last week. Thing were crazy and what I ended up recording after being sick and shooting a wedding the entire day before. Well it is not fit for human consumption. I'm did you all a favor to be honest. Sorry about that this week we will return to our irregular programing.

Right below this is the download link. So that you can play it on your iPhone, Apple TV, or what ever you want to play it on. 720p HD download. Enjoy!

After Tonight-Tyler James and the Exchange


A tale of the little filmmaker that could

Currently sitting at a bar enjoying a crisp prism honey ipa all I can think about it how eerie it is. That and the four flies that are having a orgy on my leg. But I digress, in little less then a month I will be entering my senior year of uni. That doesn't worry me nearly as much as thinking about what will be going on once I get out.

I don't think of it as graduating don't get me wrong that's a really good thing. But I think of it more as been unemployed and having to finally make money doing this (this being film). I won't have the luxury of dealing with cheap clients.  So far slot of my work I have been doing for free or building up my reel. But in 8 months that will be over. Of course I will take the odd gig here or there to build up my reel or take a lower cost but I can't make a living when my budgets simply covering costs. 

The hard part that I have is finding in the case of music videos I have to put my self out there in places where bands are. To this end I will have to create a myspace. I haven't created it yet but be sure that once I do you will know about it. In regards to making music video I will leave you guys with my first video "Thieves' Lullaby" By Phil Rossi