Crazy past few weeks.

Sorry about that but I just found out that it is supposed to snow in Philly on saturday. Excited yes. Do I think it will happen? No. The frost giants would not be that kind to me.

Been quite busy doing DIT things for a week. Now switching over to start doing a lot of small little editing machines. A few things. 1. Don't try and compress at size RED Epic footage on a laptop that is four years old.

I was able to get my hands on some RED EPIC footage. Nothing fancy and nothing even worth showing. I did shoot the footage which was a lot of fun. The whole touch screen way that the epic works is strange in a lot of ways it feels like a toy even though it's one of the top 5 cameras out there at the moment. Mainly just got the footage to learn how to DIT the footage. Still need to work on figuring out how work with the 1st light color correcting. Just never know who might be on the other side when the phone rings.

That is really a big thing with freelance for film. I really never know what sort of job I am going to get when someone calls me for a gig. Even when it comes to applying for gigs I don't know whats going to be posted on various websites I check out. I've been a PA, grip, electric, DIT, and editor so far just in this month ago. So thats why I grabbed the RED EPIC footage. I don't apply for gigs that big (Mainly because I don't have a DIT kit) but you know never know what sort of gig you could be asked to do.

So in closing I leave you with this.


Haters Gonna Hate

Every once and awhile a amazing movie comes along that for some god forsaken reason someone decides that it is crap. Now I want to preface this that film is a subjective art form. My opinion is no more valid then someone else's but that doesn't mean I can't think your crazy for having a view point.

Case in point this review of John Carpenters The Thing I would keep in mind that this review was written when the film came out. I thought it was a troll piece but it's for real.

JOHN CARPENTER'S ''The Thing'' is a foolish, depressing, overproduced movie that mixes horror with science fiction to make something that is fun as neither one thing or the other.

What can I say Haters gonna hate.


CORBIN Trailer

It's been far to long. I don't want to say much but a few things. Please like our facebook page and follow me on twitter to keep update with this film as it finishes up post production.


Terrible Craiglist post: 'NEED VIDEOGRAPHER!"

Been a busy week had four days in studio last week then caught some nasty sickness hence no blogging. But time to get back into the swing of things. Today I submit to you a craigslist post for a videographer that just sounds like a train wreck of epic proportions.

There is nothing in this that is particularly bad. They are talking about pay so thats good but the entire situation to me sounds like a great way to get your gear confiscated or broken by the places these people take you. Also I have a feeling it could be a bit hard to get consent from these people after they pull jackass like pranks on people for shits and giggles.

That being said I never understood pulling pranks on other people like that. Jackass was funny to me because it was people doing stupid shit to themselves and I am all for that.

Trust me this is not the worst post I have seen. But that's another story for another day.


Where is work?

So everyday of a freelancer. Besides the other life needs you always need to look for jobs. People ask me where I look for work. Here are the sites I use. I want to stress that about %80 of the work that I have gotten is through colleagues or friends. But I have been paid from gigs I have found on these sites.

Mandy- It's one of the more professional sites out there. It's the quality of the posts I find are a lot better. Unfortunately it's mainly used by NYC and LA for posts, but Pennsylvania gigs do come now and again.

Greater Philadelphia Film Office Hotline- This is the best place to find jobs in Philadelphia. Bar none. A lot of no paying gigs but if there is a big movie coming to town this is the place your probably going to find it.

Craigslist- There are two places on crigslist the film job section and the crew gig section. I've actually gotten a lot of work through this but the amount of crap you have to sift through is a job in amongst it's self.

If you guys have any suggestions I'm always looking for new places to find jobs. What places do you look for work? Let me know. It might give me a glimmer of hope while gazing through the never ending job search.