The Need

As I sit in the theatre before seeing Kick-Ass. I just finished running errands around for the day and all of my assignments are done. All that is left now is to finish up a few things print things out fill in forms and turn things in. It's a interesting state of time. I have two weeks were I have the time to wrap up and complete some of the projects I have been putting off. Namely BRUTES that has been hovering over my head for far to long. Audio is tucked on it and I am not looking forward to having to go through and try and salvage it. There is a chance that it might never see the light of day.


That isn't to say there aren't things I don't love about it. I already know a few shots that I am going to put on my director reel. But it might never be able to be properly finished Which is a shame. That being said there isn't anything stopping me form re using the script which I have to say is a fantastic piece of writing.

I am simply sometimes amazed by where I end up finding myself looking through film books and simply getting lost in them. I have some free time on my hands and for the first time I can actually read scripts of feature films that I love. It's a awesome feeling.

I to the few of you are reading this. Thank you and those of you that are going through the back log of these post and reading this.


Working late

Another day another problem.

Working on my screenwriting two script. Actually I've done all of the edits my teacher gave me now I'm just trying to find the things between the lines. The subtext I'm getting at which with this piece I'm not sure really. Which is a nice change of pace from my regular sort of thing where I know what I'm trying to say. This one isn't preachy like some of my past works. Though it does have themes from my current life and my take on them. It's not a nice script. Non of my scripts ever are. Someone asked me once why do I not cast beatfuil people in my films. What I really think they meant is why don't I cast super models. I'm not interested in what people think people should look like. I want to cast people that look like the character feels if the person is a drunken mess. We should make them look like a fucking drunken mess. Not Brad Pitt on a bad hair day. (that being said Brad Pitt can be in any of my films, if your listening give me a ring you talk I drool).

I am going to miss these late nights in editing rooms at uni. With friends , rivals, assholes, idiots, genuises, tech heads, dreamers, and all in between.



The Differance

Just finished up shooting my cinematography and lighting 3 assignment. In alot of ways it I'd more like a excercise then a proper short film due to the fact that. With my scene at any rate it was only that a single scene. That being said it is apart of a larger work but in thr context of this piece the rest of thr story doesn't matter. You have to keep in mind that the only thing I am getting graded on in this assignment is the cinematography. I've pit this assingment off for awhile I knew it was coming but I hadn't done much work. It kindof all came together a the last moment. What's werid is that I have a feeling that it will look really good. I don't know that until I sit down to actuall edit the bad boy but we shall see.

The differance between me when I started filming things isn't just a greater technical knowadgle of the various skills. Nor simplely knowing more films. All of those and more but what the differance is when you get down and look into it is that I have figured out how to tell a story and how I need to tell a story. It's not like most people nor do alot of people like it. But it's my own voice. The subject matter is starting to come together with what the visuals are.

It's a exciting time to notice the differance.


New ideas

I think the fact that I can now work on updateing the website from anywhere is going to have slot more blog posts since I can do a little bit here a litle bit there.

Thinking about new podcast titles for this and also a format. Possibly thinking about doing something more like 1939 media in terms of short videos through out the week. The biggest problem is that I don't have a good workflow at the moment. Have to figure that out.

As far as content goes. I want to address on bring a director. Alot of info on being a dop or a writer but not much on directing. I will talk about subjects that's come across as I am working on things. Something I can really work on is showing you how cutting goes and all sort of decisons you need to make.

Though the biggest thing is I want to take questions from you all as what you are wondering about. Still figureing out a few things


Perspective 83: Thieves’ Lullaby and new site info

New site domain has been purchased and the site is being designed. It’s a very exciting time.